Daily menu Lunch Garden Gemini 17.02.2020 - 21.02.2020

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Lunch menu | 11:00 am - 2:30 pm

Leek soup with smoked meat and potatoes

Tomato soup with garlic and basil

Roasted sausage, mashed potatoes

Tomato beef stew, bread dumplings

Chicken pilaf with rice, cheese

Vegetable medallions with buckwheat, fresh cabbage salad

Greek salad with chicken nuggets and Feta cheese

Superior | 11:00 am - 2:30 pm

Roasted pork cutlet, onion potatoes, horseradish dip

Live Cooking | 11:00 am - 2:30 pm

Turkey with coconut milk, rice with coriander

Pasta Bar | 11:00 am - 2:30 pm

FUSILLI with ragout of salsiccia

SPAGHETTI aglio olio e peperoncino

PENNE with chicken and zucchini

Baked NOODLES with broccoli and leek